Note that the “average” person’s skill in these area’s is given by 0.
It is therefore possible to have a negative skill value, although this must be cleared by the DM as part of your character description.

Acrobatics (DEX/STR)
Dex: Maneuver around/above obstacles and opponents.
Str: Climb or jump for distance.

Computers (INT/PER)
Int: Most tasks, breaking, getting info, seeding false info.
Per: Diagnostic tests, debugging, finding trojans, etc.

Crime (INT/DEX)
Dex: Sleight of hand, pickpockets, pick locks, escape binds, etc
Int: Methods, contacts.

Diplomacy (CHA/WIL)
Cha: Fool, fast talk, negotiate, intimidate.
Wil: Intimidate

Doctor (INT/PER)
Int: Treat injuries
Per: Diagnose

Driving (DEX)

Knowledge ( ) (INT)
Pick an area of knowledge

Language ( ) (INT)

Per: Spot a problem.
Int: Repair
Dex: Repair if very fine work.

Occultism (INT/WIL)
Per: Recognize spell/magic work.
Int: research
Wil: Cast a ritual spell.

Perform ( ) (DEX/CHA)
Dex: Instrument.
Cha: Acting, speech.

Profession ( ) (INT/???)

Science (INT)
Int: Do a “science” related task.
Per: Figure out a scientific object.

Specialization (???)
A more specialized skill, that would fall into the above category normally.
Bonus points apply.

Sports (DEX/STR/CON)
Str: Swim
Dex: Throw, catch, etc .
Con: Endurance


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